Forward. Forever forward.

I've always been a person who needs something exciting to look forward to. I need to be able to think about things that are on the horizon, and to work towards them. Never stagnant.

It makes it difficult, because that often means going to uncharted places with the work. It would be easier to settle into a routine, but my brain doesn't want to settle. So, here we go again.

I'm working on two bodies of work now that are distinctly different. The collages have been in progress for a while, but they're changing. They're incorporating more elements of perspective and form. And these new drawings are sort of a call back to an earlier body of work, but it's developing in a new way. In my mind these two kinds of work keep wanting to interact with each other too, but we'll see.

So things are happening. The work is exciting me, and there are opportunities to get it out in front of new audiences that are exciting me too. Opportunities arise in both Des Moines and Chicago, and this is all good. Forward.